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Crush Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds

5 Seeds Per Pack

Crush Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    The Crush Kush is a fairly new strain on the market, and it is based off of the Orange Crush Kush. It is a short, stocky, Indica dominant strain, that is perfect for the evenings after a long day. Unlike its predecessor, the diesel smell, and a little bit of the orange colors are gone, but the strength, and color in general, are still there. It is a deep, rich, smooth inhale, with a bit of "lung grab", or "heavy on the exhale" like a lot of Indica's. The breeder opted to keep the new genetics a secret, so we will have to wait it out, or make our best educated guesses in the meantime as to it's parents.

    Due to the Indica, this strain is great for stress, anxiety, insomnia, and lack of appetite, just to name a few. The Crush Kush is excellent for indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, hydroponics, and the Sea of Green method. Indoors you can start harvesting in 7-8 weeks, depending on your conditions, while outside, early October is when you will start harvesting cola's. It is not prone to mold, or rot, but with dense buds (on any strain) you should try to plant in a drier area where it will receive the morning sun.

     Four to six feet is the average size the Crush Kush will finish at for height, but with some topping, and a bit of pruning the interior foliage a few times throughout the season, you can make the plant a little wider, and increase your yield. It is not a hard plant to trim at harvest, as there is not a lot of leaf, however the fan leaves can be massive, even when the plant is small. The only thing that is a pain about trimming, is cleaning your scissors frequently, as the Crush Kush is a very resinous strain. If you make hash, or rosin, you will be very happy with this one. Enjoy!

Crush Kush INFO​

Sex: Feminized 
Genetics: Mostly Indica
THC: 21% to 25%
CBD: Low
Flowering time: 50-60 days
Outdoor harvest:  Early October
suitable for: Indoor/Outdoor/Greenhouse

Crush Kush is a popular strain of cannabis known for its high THC content and relaxing effects. It is often grown for its medicinal and recreational benefits, such as pain relief and stress reduction. Additionally, many growers appreciate Crush Kush for its strong aroma and flavorful buds.

Growing Crush Kush plants can be done either indoors or outdoors, but it is a bit more challenging than other strains.

Here are some general guidelines for growing Crush Kush:

  1. Choose a suitable grow space: Crush Kush plants can grow tall, so it's important to have enough vertical space for them to reach their full potential. When growing indoors, a grow tent or grow room with high ceilings is ideal.

  2. Use high-quality soil: Crush Kush plants thrive in nutrient-rich soil, so it's essential to use a high-quality soil mix that is well-draining and has a pH level of around 6.5.

  3. Provide proper lighting: Crush Kush plants require a lot of light to grow, so it's important to provide them with the right amount and type of lighting. When growing indoors, use high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps or LED grow lights.

  4. Maintain proper temperature and humidity: Crush Kush plants prefer temperatures between 70-85°F and humidity levels between 40-60%.

  5. Monitor for pests and diseases: Keep an eye out for common cannabis pests and diseases, and take action if you notice any issues.

  6. Prune and train the plants: To encourage bushier growth and heavier yields, prune and train your Crush Kush plants as they grow.

  7. Harvest the plants at the right time: Keep an eye on the trichomes, once most of the trichomes are cloudy and a few are amber, it's time to harvest.

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