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Truffle Cannabis Seeds Feminized

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Truffle Cannabis Seeds Feminized

The Truffle Cannabis Seeds is a unique strain of marijuana that perfectly fulfills your expectations regarding flavour and potency.

Trufflez marijuana is an exceptional Indica-dominant strain renowned for its smooth effects. It's also referred to as the Trufflez.

This remarkable variety is a blend of Zkittle and Cherry strain, resulting in an incredibly potent hybrid with average THC levels around 22.5% and negligible CBD content. However, consider its power due to low CBD levels; it can deliver impressively concentrated sedative effects that amaze you.

Effects of Truffle Marijuana Seeds

Truffle weed is a hit among pot lovers because it's like a lullaby in plant form. If you toss and turn at night, this will have you sleeping in know time. When you first try Truffle marijuana hits with a wave of euphoria that'll have you grinning from ear to ear. It's the perfect companion for movie nights with your friends. Plus, it gives your body this deep, soothing vibe that melts away all tension. The chill factor is so intense that you will be out cold in no time! And if you're a medical marijuana user this is great to manage stress or anxiety - Truffle has got your back there too!

You might use this stuff during your downtime, like at night or over the weekend. It's gonna knock you out and make you super drowsy, so don't plan on getting much done. Even if you're a regular used to weed, this one can hit pretty hard. The Truffle feminized strain is mostly caryophyllene in terms of terpenes, with a bit of limonene and myrcene thrown in there too. That limonene gives it a nice citrusy smell and helps any stress or anxiety you might be feeling.

You might get a bit of dry mouth and eyes when you're enjoying Truffle, so keep some water close by to stay refreshed. It's an awesome way to kick back and forget about the day's drama. And hey, if you're more of a homebody, you'll probably love it even more!

Truffle Strain INFO

GENETICS Zkittlez x Cherry strain
SEX Feminized
WHERE TO GROW Indoor & Outdoor
THC CONTENT 20%-22.5%
YIELD 450-560 g / m²
AROMA Fruity

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