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Purple Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds (Q.C.S.)

Purple Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Purple Kush from Buddha Seeds is a fast-flowering, 100% purple variety - a beautiful girl of any garden, not only for its passionate purple colour but also for its unique and intense smell. Compact in size and short grow cycle makes Purple Kush an ideal strain for the impatient grower. Purple Kush is an indica buzz without being overpowering

Purple Kush INFO

  • Type:                     Indoor / Outdoor
  • Growing:                Easy to Moderate
  • Flowering Time:      Average (70 - 75 days) From Seed
  • Indica/Sativa:         50% Indica 50% Sativa
  • THC%:                   18.5%    
  • Yield:                     Up to 100gr indoor/130gr out
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Regular
Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Regular

One of our most famous strains is Northern Lights. This 7 to 8 week compact, fast and very dense strain is a favourite amongst many. With frosted buds possess a honey-musk aroma blended with an earthy Afghan undertone. Low odor and easy to grow this strain is a favorite for both connoisseur quality and commercial quantity.

Northern Lights is so easy to grow that's why she is well loved by a lot of growers. Not just that, it is also very potent with the THC level of 15% +. In just 7 to 8 weeks, you will have a rich, potent, mostly Indica smoke with a pleasant layer of frosty and lushy honey-musk aroma that would make you feel good.

Northern Lights Info

  • Type:                    Indoor / Outdoors
  • Growing:               Easy
  • Seeds                   5 Per Pack
  • Flowering Time:    7 to 8 Weeks
  • Indica/Sativa:        mostly Indica 
  • Effect:                   Stone High
  • THC%:                  High 
  • Yield:                    Up to350gr indoor/450gr out
OG Kush cannabis
OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Regular (Q.C.S.)

OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Regular

The OG Kush Feminized strain find its origin at Northern California. OG stand for Ocean Grown, and it is a crossing between the Hindu Kush and Lemon Thai genetics. OG Kush seeds will grow into a dense marijuana plant with loads of crystalline buds with a lemon smell. The buds will have the distinct 'Kush structure with make this plant yield up to 675 grams a square meter outdoor grown. Although OG Kush is a mostly indica strain, the leaves are quite similar to the sativa.

As you might expect from its name, OG Kush is great for growing the Sea of Green method, great for growing on a massive scale for commercial purposes. Smoking OG Kush Feminized has euphoric and happy effect and with the tasty smell of lemon it is a great strain to combat stress and anxiety. Often used for medical treatment, the OG Kush Feminized strain helps with migraines, ADD/ADHD and stress disorders.

OG Kush  INFO​

  • Type:                       Indoor/ outdoor
  • Growing:                  Moderate
  • Seeds                       6 Per Pack
  • Flowering Time:       7 to 8 Weeks 
  • Indica/Sativa:           Mostly indica
  • Effect:                      High (Head Trip) yet Stoned (Body Buzz)
  • THC%:                     22 %
  • Harvest month         October
  • Yield:                       400 in 500 gr out
Cheese Cannabis Seeds
Cheese Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

Cheese Cannabis Seeds Feminized

By collaborating with other breeders, we have developed a very desirable knack of creating knock-out strains. This Cheese was derived by backcrossing the Cheese clone from their incredible Cheesewreck strain until they had a stable, cheesy variety. When cultivated in a legal climate, our Cheese produces good yields. The plants need full support as the side branches grow to the height of the main stem. This is a vigorous strain that packs a serious punch. Ore Cheese's potency is matched perhaps only by it's incredible strength of flavour - simply superb. This is a real connoisseur strain that deserves a place in any souvenir hunter's collection.

Cheese INFO​

  • Type:                       Indoor/ out 
  • Growing:                  Easy
  • Flowering Time:       8 to 9 Weeks 
  • Indica/Sativa:           Mostly Sativa
  • Effect:                      High (Head Trip) 
  • THC%:                     19% - 22%
  • Yield:                       400 in 500 gr out
5 Seeds Per Pack
M 39 Granddaddy Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S)

M 39 Granddaddy Cannabis Seeds Feminized

M 39 Granddaddy is a beautiful hybrid, a cross between a GrandDaddy Purple with M-39 that was well known as a production plant.

The result of mixing these two was a unique F1 Hybrid cannabis plant to create a large and dense heavy yielding pheno with big flowers with deep purple specs and accented with orange hairs.

M 39 Granddaddy INFO

    Pack Size5 Seeds
    VarietyIndica / Sativa
    Strain GeneticsGrand Daddy Purple x M-39
    Flowering TypePhotoperiod
    Flowering Time50 to 65 Days
    Harvest MonthSeptember
    Where to GrowIndoor, Outdoor
    Taste / FlavorLemony

      5 Seeds Per Pack
      Jack Herer
      CBD Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

      CBD Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds Feminized

      A world-famous, prize-winning sativa strain available worldwide. Most Jack Herer plants are THC sativa, but sometimes CBD heavy strains naturally occur. The professionals at Cannabis and Seeds selected their very best CBD heavy Jack Herer and bread it to produce a line of one of the strongest CBD strains in the world.

      Jack Herer is pure sativa. It will grow tall and look gangly, but will produce more buds if trained properly. If growing indoors, use a greenhouse with tall ceilings or train the plants using a SOG or SCROG method. If not, plants will outgrow their room far before flowering is complete. Alternatively, Jack Herer is a superb outdoor strain that is heat and disease tolerant.

      CBD Jack Herer NFO

      • Type:                    Indoor / Greenhouse / Outdoors
      • Growing:                Easy to Moderate
      • Seeds                    5 Per Pack
      • Flowering Time:    9 Weeks
      • Indica/Sativa:        Mostly sativa
      • Effect:                   Relaxed High
      • THC%:                  8%
      • CBD%                   8%
      • Medical                1:1 THC:CBD Ratio - a CBD rich strain.
      • ​Yield:                   Indoor: 550 g/m2  September/October
      5 Seeds Per Pack
      NYC Diesel Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

      NYC Diesel Cannabis Seeds Feminized 

      New York Diesel feminized is a 5 time Cannabis Cup winning Indica/Sativa hybrid, leaning towards Sativa. It's created from crossbreeding a Sour Diesel clone with an Afghani clone.

      New York Diesel feminized seeds grow into a plant that's highly sought after for a happy, talkative mind high with very little to no paranoia.

      Smoking this plant starts off like a regular Sativa trip, but towards the end you feel the Indica come in and tether you to earth.

      This strain is also praised for it's ability to relieve stress and nausea.

      NYC Diesel Info

      5 Seeds Per Pack
      Critical Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

      Critical Cannabis Seeds Feminized

      Critical Mass x Brazilian x South Indian is a big and branched plant with a large bud production. It adapts to all types of substrates and forms of cultivation. A maximum of 10 days of growth is advised for indoors to avoid a too big final size. Fast and rich outdoors harvest, it produces abundant branches and infinity of buds. The use of guides is essential in some cases so that the branches do not bend under its own weight at the end of flowering.

      Critical  INFO

      • Type:                    Indoor / Outdoor
      • Growing:                Easy to Moderate
      • Flowering Time:      8 Weeks
      • Indica/Sativa:         80% Sativa
      • Effect:                   Relaxed High
      • THC%:                  12.94%    
      • Yield:                    up to 400gr indoor/300gr outdoor
      5 Seeds Per Pack
      CBD White Widow Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

      CBD White Widow Cannabis Seeds Feminized

      CBD White Widow is quite a short cannabis plant that grows mostly like an Sativa, but it is more Indica in effect and is also great to relieve pain and anxiety.

      An uplifting marijuana strain with great medicinal potential. CBD White Widow is great medicinal strain.

      CBD White Widow is quite a short cannabis plant that reaching a height of 60 to 90 cm. It will flower in around 8 weeks.

      Like all of our medicinal cannabis strains, it has a high amount of CBD, almost equal to the amount of THC.
      These high CBD cannabis strains have been used for their anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and/or anti-spasm effects.

      The marijuana seeds are also feminized, meaning you’ll have no male plants to deal with. So, when grown well, every plant should turn into a beautiful flowering female.

      CBD White Widow World: Info

      • Effect:                  Relaxed High
      • Sativa/Indica:      Indica
      • Yield: Indoors:    475-525 g./m2 Outdoors: 400-450 g./plant
      • THC/CBD:          THC: 12% CBD: High
      • Flowering Period/Finishing:      8 weeks/early October
      5 Seeds Per Pack
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      Gorilla Glue Feminized Plant
      Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S)

      Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds Feminized

      Gorilla Glue is thought by many to be one of the most potent strains in existence. This rockstar strain won the 2014 Cannabis Cup as best hybrid. It is known for its extreme potency and gets its name from the resin that covers the scissors when trimming.

      Gorilla Glue INFO

        • Type: Hybrid (mostly Sativa)
        • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
        • Yield: Heavy
        • THC: High
        • Potency: Extremely Potent
        • Genetics: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel
        • Seed Type: Feminized
          5 Seeds Per Pack
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          Green Crack cannabis
          Green Crack Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

          Green Crack Cannabis Seeds Feminized

          Green Crack Feminized Seeds is a Photoperiod Feminized cannabis strain.This Mostly Sativa strain produces a High 450-500 gr/m2 yield. These seeds germinate in 7 weeks in September.
          This Feminized seed grows well in Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors conditions. Additionally it can be expected to grow into a Medium plant reaching 80-120 cm.
          This strain has Green Crack x Green Crack *rev* Genetics. It has a High (15-20%) Content. The CBD content of the strain is Unknown.
          This strain can be used to treat a variety of medical conditions including, Pain, Stress. The user can benefit from a Helps to cope with stress and pain.

          AWARDSCannaval 2014 - 1st Best Outdoor, Secret Cup 2014 - 1st Best outdoor

          Green Crack   INFO​

          • Type:                       Indoor/ out 
          • Growing:                  Easy
          • Flowering Time:       7 to 8 Weeks 
          • Indica/Sativa:           Mostly indica
          • Effect:                      High (Head Trip) yet Stoned (Body Buzz)
          • THC%:                     15-20%
          • Yield:                       400 in 500 gr out
          5 Seeds Per Pack
          BC Big Bud
          B.C. Big Bud Cannabis Seeds Regular (Jordan of the Islands)

          ​​B.C. Big Bud Cannabis Seeds Regular 

          Mostly Sativa Indoor
          This British Columbian cousin to Big Bud will not disappoint. True to its name, it produces beautiful big buds that have a citrusy scent and flavor. While Big Bud from the Netherlands is mostly indica, BC Big Bud has been stabilized after a sativa cross. Its leaves are mostly sativa-like, and the smoke has an enjoyable, cerebral high.

          The resin production is outstanding, making crystal gems of the buds, and carpeting the leaves with dew drops. Even Big Bud's seeds are large, although seed size does not necessarily correspond to eventual plant or bud outcome.

          This variety can be grown indoors or out, but due to large solid buds, care should be taken to avoid overmoisture as this could encourage mold. Indoors, it is happy in a hydroponic setup and can be used in a sea of green method, or allowed to grow large with multiple branching

          B.C. Big Bud INFO

          PACK SIZE6 Seeds
          VARIETYIndica / Sativa
          FLOWERING TYPEPhotoperiod
          TASTE / FLAVOURFruity
          PACK SIZE 5 Seeds
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