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Lemon Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

5 Seeds Per Pack

Lemon Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Lemon Kush produces a mid-green and hairy kind of weed and has a strong and dank smell.
The taste of Lemon Kush is very potent and strong giving satisfaction to smokers and it has a very strong high effect that is more concentrated on the head than with the body. But even though it is highly concentrated on the head, it should be noted that the effect on the body is highly noticeable.
Good medication for people who experiences nausea and body pains. It is also being used to treat insomnia. It is also good medium for relaxation and socializing.
The effect of this strain usually stays for 1-3 hours upon smoking.
Lemon Kush originally came from Chitral region in Pakistan.
It has a medium to high resistance to Powdery Mildew and high resistance to Botrytis.
Lemon Kush is also found to increase levels of liver enzymes making it an effective drug in avoiding cancer.

Lemon Kush Info

GeneticsCritical x OG Kush
Plant TypeIndica Dominan
CultivationIndoor outdoors End of September - first half October
Plant Height60 to 120 cm
Average Yieldin 500 - out 550 gr/plant
Flowering Period8 - 9 weeks
Seeds per pack5
Effect+Extremely stoned long-lasting & body relaxing
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  • Model: Q.C.S.
  • Manufacturer:Quebec Cannabis Seeds

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