Growing Outdoors Cannabis is Easy! Regardless of your climate conditions, Toronto Cannabis Seeds has the right outdoor cannabis seeds for you. Is your local climate sunny and warm, or cool and wet? Let us help you find the perfect cannabis strain to get the best growing experience possible. 

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CBD Critical Mass cannabis seeds Feminised
CBD CRITICAL MASS Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

CBD Critical Mass Cannabis Seeds Feminized

CBD Critical Mass Feminised  by the cannabis seeds breeder CBD Crew, is a Photoperiod Feminised marijuana strain. This Mostly Indica strain produces a Medium, High Indoor: 500 g/m2 yield. These seeds are ready to harvest in 8 Weeks in September/October. This Feminised seed grows well in Greenhouse, Indoors conditions. This strain has Critical Mass x Remedy Genetics. It has a Low (5-10%) THC Content. The CBD content of the strain is High (5% +).


  • Type:                    Indoor / Greenhouse / Outdoors
  • Growing:                Easy to Moderate
  • Seeds                    5 Per Pack
  • Flowering Time:     8 Weeks
  • Indica/Sativa:        Mostly Indica
  • Effect:                   Relaxed High
  • THC%:                  5%
  • CBD%                   5%
  • Medical                 1:1 THC:CBD Ratio - a CBD rich strain.
  • Yield:                    Indoor: 500 g/m2  September/October
5 Seeds Per Pack
Northern Lights Cannabis
Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds Feminized

One of our most famous strains is Northern Lights. This 7 to 8 week compact, fast and very dense strain is a favourite amongst many. With frosted buds possess a honey-musk aroma blended with an earthy Afghan undertone. Low odor and easy to grow this strain is a favorite for both connoisseur quality and commercial quantity.

Northern Lights is so easy to grow that's why she is well loved by a lot of growers. Not just that, it is also very potent with the THC level of 15% +. In just 7 to 8 weeks, you will have a rich, potent, mostly Indica smoke with a pleasant layer of frosty and lushy honey-musk aroma that would make you feel good.

Northern Lights Info

  • Type:                    Indoor / Outdoors
  • Growing:               Easy
  • Seeds                   5 Per Pack
  • Flowering Time:    7 to 8 Weeks
  • Indica/Sativa:        mostly Indica 
  • Effect:                   Stone High
  • THC%:                  High 
  • Yield:                    Up to350gr indoor/450gr out
5 Seeds Per Pack
Chemdog Millionaire Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Next Generation Seeds)

Chemdog Millionaire Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Top yield, top resin! Its an Indica dominant superstar! Long club-like buds on top and dense golfball size nuggets below.
Flowering Time:
Indoor: 55 days
Outdoor: October 5
THC: 22%
CBD: 0.9%

    5 Seeds Per Pack
    Poison Skunk Cannabis Seeds
    Poison Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

    Poison Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Poison Skunk cannabis is one of a kind cross! This hybrid strain is obtained by crossing Big bud x Northern Lights #5 x Skunk #1 and is an F1 cross. 

    When growing, the Poison Skunk keeps the Sativa characteristics, as it grows thin and without many leaves. It won't grow into a giant plant, but when flowering, expect it to grow a bit taller while staying compact. 

    Poison Skunk will be liked by both new growers and expert ones as it's fairly easy to grow and is suitable for all growing systems. 

    If you're planning to do some crossings on your own, this cannabis strain would be extraordinary as a mother thanks to the fast-rooting clones it produces. 

    Expect a remarkable and potent mental high and a very pleasant physical one due to the high levels of THC. 

    Poison Skunk INFO       



    Indica / Sativa


    Strain Genetics

    Big bud x Northern Lights #5 x Skunk #1



    Where to Grow

    Indoor, Outdoor

    Flowering Time

     7 to 8 Weeks 


    Body and Mental buzz

    THC Content



    550 gr in /650 gr out

      5 Seeds Per Pack
      Critical Mass Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

      Critical Mass Cannabis Seeds Feminized

      Critical Mass has a very nice plant metabolism and structure, resulting in very frosty and dense buds with a sharp flavor.

      Critical Mass is a reworked excellent version of an old breed once known as Big Bud. This is a large yielding strain with an equally high stone.

      Critical Mass is a heavy plant currently in production both indoors and outdoors with massive buds.It's genetics originate from a very heavy Afghani combined with the original Skunk #1.

      This strain flowers fairly quickly at 80 days from seed.

      Critical Mass is a favorite plant of many growers looking for a huge yielding potent strong plant. However, due to the large production of flowering, this strain is susceptible to mold which can be reduced by growing indoors to reduce humidity.

      THC levels of this strain may reach up to 24%.

      Critical Mass​  INFO

      • Type:                    Indoor / Outdoor
      • Growing:                Easy to Moderate
      • Seeds                    5 Per Pack
      • Flowering Time:    56 Days
      • Indica/Sativa:        Indica / Sativa
      • Effect:                   Relaxed High
      • THC%:                  up to 24%    
      • ​Yield:                    650- 750/m2 indoors, 2000gr.outdoors in southern areas
      5 Seeds Per Pack
      Dwarf Low Flyer Cannabis Seeds Autoflower (Q.C.S.)

      Dwarf Low Flyer Cannabis Seeds Autoflower

      Dwarf Low Flyeris an easy to grow short plant with a 6 week flowering time. Perfect for hydro or indoor areas with lack of space. She will stay under 2 feet and will flower automatically at 12 to 18 hours of light per day. Low to medium natural high.

      This is a very unique marijuana strain that will satisfy your needs without worrying about the grow space or anything else. 

      Dwarf Low Flyer comes as a feminized autoflowering marijuana plant which is awesome for indoor guerilla growing. Do you want to hide to the best that you could with your grow, then Dwarf Low Flyer marijuana is what you are looking for.

      Dwarf Low Flyer INFO​

      • Type:                    Indoor / Outdoo
      • Growing:                Easy to Moderate
      • Flowering Time:      9 Weeks from seed
      • Indica/Sativa:         70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis
      • Effect:                   Sativa High
      • THC%:                  16.25%    
      • Yield:                    Up to 250 gr Indoors/350 gr out
      5 Seeds Per Pack
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      Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

      Purple Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized 

      Purple Kush is world renowned for its purple leaves and strong smoky taste combined with a very high THC level. The Purple Kush plant is short in stature with dense buds riddled with thin white and orange hairs. Purple Kush is a durable and versatile plant with frosty buds and an earthy pungent aroma. Quebec Cannabis Seeds find that this Purple Kush weed has a heavy high with a strong body stone and a hit lasting for two to three hours. The smoke has a somewhat fruity flavor reminiscent of grapes and an earthy, skunk-like aftertaste.

      Purple Kush flowers within 8 – 10 weeks and it can provide you with high yield of frosty buds. The Purple Kush THC level is extremely high and the effect is a known pure indica feeling that will make you come back for more. Purple Kush THC content measuring up to 27.51%.

      Purpule Kush INFO

      • Type:                     Indoor / Outdoor
      • Growing:                Easy to Moderate
      • Flowering Time:      Average (55 - 65 days)
      • Indica/Sativa:         75% Indica
      • Effect:                   Pure Indica High
      • THC%:                   27.51%    
      • Yield:                     Up to 400gr indoor/650gr out
        5 Seeds Per Pack
        Bubblegum Cannabis Seeds feminized (Q.C.S.)

        Bubblegum Cannabis Seeds feminized

        Developed in the early 80's in the US, Bubblegum was brought to Holland where it was refined into the outstanding strain we know today. Tasting just like old fashion bubblegum sticks it has a sweet smooth flavour that is well loved by marijuana connoisseurs worldwide.

        It is an F1 hybrid and has a taste truly resembling Bubblegum. Aroma is sweet, so it the taste. Stoned Indica high. Bubblegum seeds are one of our most popular strains. One not to miss!

        Bubblegum INFO

        • Type:                    Indoor / Outdoors
        • Flowering Time:    8  to 9 Weeks
        • Indica/Sativa:        Mostly Indica
        • Effect:                   Psychedelic Effect
        • THC%:                   15%-18%
        • Yield:                    up to 550gr indoor / up to 6 50gr Outdoors 
        • Harvest                 late September
        5 Seeds Per Pack
        Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds Autoflower (Q.C.S.)

        Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds Autoflower 

        Jack Herer cannabis seeds is back in Auto Flowering form as a Dominant Sativa. This uplifting easy to grow Sativa can take up to 9 weeks to finish flowering and can grow up to 3.5 feet with long branches and thin leaves, yet small enough to fit into any size room. Similar to the original Jack Herer with the genetics of Ruderalis, she will impress any new or experienced grower.


        Type:                      Indoor / Outdoo
        Growing:                Easy to Moderate
        Flowering Time:     9 Weeks
        Indica/Sativa:         70% Indica, 20% Sativa, 10% Ruderalis
        Effect:                     Moderate - High
        THC%:                   16.25%    
        Yield:                      250 gr Indoors/350 gr out

        5 Seeds Per Pack
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        BC Purps Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S)

        BC Purps Cannabis Seeds Feminized

        Selected from Purple Kush originating in BC, Canada. Its a very resinous variety that grows bushy with lots of branching. Strong odor and taste.

        Genetics: mostly Indica

        THC: 16-18%

          5 Seeds Per Pack
          Lemon Kush cannabis
          Lemon Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

          Lemon Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

          Lemon Kush produces a mid-green and hairy kind of weed and has a strong and dank smell.
          The taste of Lemon Kush is very potent and strong giving satisfaction to smokers and it has a very strong high effect that is more concentrated on the head than with the body. But even though it is highly concentrated on the head, it should be noted that the effect on the body is highly noticeable.
          Good medication for people who experiences nausea and body pains. It is also being used to treat insomnia. It is also good medium for relaxation and socializing.
          The effect of this strain usually stays for 1-3 hours upon smoking.
          Lemon Kush originally came from Chitral region in Pakistan.
          It has a medium to high resistance to Powdery Mildew and high resistance to Botrytis.
          Lemon Kush is also found to increase levels of liver enzymes making it an effective drug in avoiding cancer.

          Lemon Kush Info

          GeneticsCritical x OG Kush
          Plant TypeIndica Dominan
          CultivationIndoor outdoors End of September - first half October
          Plant Height60 to 120 cm
          Average Yieldin 500 - out 550 gr/plant
          Flowering Period8 - 9 weeks
          Seeds per pack5
          Effect+Extremely stoned long-lasting & body relaxing
          5 Seeds Per Pack
          Auto Skuks No.1 Cannabis
          Auto Skunk No.1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized (Q.C.S.)

          AutoSkunk No.1 Cannabis Seeds Feminized

          Skunk #1and a Ruderalis. The result is the automatic version of an Indica-dominant classic noted for its fast-flowering properties as well as for its heavy-yield.

          Skunk #1 Automatic evolves into a beautiful small and compact marijuana plant that yields thick and resinous buds in a remarkably short time. This easy-to-grow plant is well suited to small indoor spaces and allows you to set a discreet crop outdoors thanks to its small size.
          Depending on the climate, breeders may also be able to harvest it more than once in the same year. Adding 30% of coco coir to the substrate is advisable so as to improve the oxygenation as well as to help the plant grow more vigorous.

          Skunk #1 Automatic has a really intense flavour and aroma, with notes of lemon, sandalwood, Skunk and spices. Its effect is powerful and balanced, both cerebral and physical. Ideal to unwind with friends.

          Auto Skunk No.1 Info

            Genotype65% Indica / 35% Sativa
            CrossSkunk#1 x Ruderalis
            Comprehensive life cycle40-55 days
            Indoor yield250-300 g/m2
            Outdoor harvest timeEarly April / Late October
            Outdoor yield50-80 g/plant

              5 Seeds Per Pack
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