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Grape Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized

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Grape Skunk Cannabis Seeds Feminized

A bud with a very complex flavor profile, this Indica-leaning hybrid Skunk come from planting 50 Skunk F2 seeds, and one of the phenotypes came out looking like this. We liked the strain so much that we have finally duplicated it. 

Grape Skunk is one of those tangy, tropical smokes. Her flowers give off the unmistakable scent of tropical citrus, with some accents of grape.
THC levels is between 20% and 24%. Grape Skunk is a large producer under optimum conditions. A dense cannabis plant with pink purple colors.

Growing Grape Skunk cannabis is easy and great for first time grower. This strain is also great for relieving stress and anxiety, as well as reducing chronic pain, nausea, and insomnia.

Grape Skunk is a hybrid strain of cannabis that is known for its unique combination of flavors and effects. It is a cross between Skunk #1 and an undisclosed grape-flavored strain. Grape Skunk typically has a sweet and fruity aroma with hints of grape and skunk.

Here are a few reasons why some individuals may consider growing Grape Skunk cannabis:

  1. Flavor and Aroma: Grape Skunk is valued for its distinctive grape flavor and aroma. Some individuals enjoy the fruity and sweet taste that this strain provides, making it appealing for personal consumption.

  2. Hybrid Effects: Grape Skunk is a hybrid strain, which means it combines characteristics from both indica and sativa genetics. It may offer a balance of relaxing and uplifting effects, potentially providing a pleasant and well-rounded experience for some users.

  3. Cultivation Preference: Some growers may choose Grape Skunk based on personal preferences and cultivation goals. They may be interested in the challenge of growing a specific strain or appreciate the unique qualities and characteristics that Grape Skunk offers.

    When choosing a growing location for Grape Skunk cannabis, you need to consider a few factors:

    1. Indoor Growing: Growing Grape Skunk indoors allows for greater control over the growing environment. You will need a dedicated indoor space such as a grow tent, grow room, or a spare room. Ensure that the space has adequate ventilation, proper lighting, temperature control, and humidity management. You may need to invest in equipment like grow lights, fans, carbon filters, and air circulation systems.

    2. Outdoor Growing: If you have a suitable climate and access to an outdoor space, you can grow Grape Skunk plants outdoors. Grape Skunk typically thrives in a warm and sunny climate. Select a spot that receives ample sunlight throughout the day and has well-drained soil. Ensure that the location is secure, private, and compliant with local regulations.

 Grape Skunk INFO​

Type: 60% Indica 40% Sativa, Feminized
Genetics Parents: F2 Skunk
Flowering Period: 7 to 9 weeks
Yield: Indoors 450g/m2, Outdoors 550g/plant
Flavors: Berry, Skunky, Citrus, Grape
THC Level: 20%-24%
CBD Level: Low
Harvest Period: Late September / Early-October
Growing Difficulty: Easy

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