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CBD OG KUSH Seeds Feminized Cannabis

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CBD OG Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

     We crossed a Quebec CBD 20-1 Father, an OG Kush Mother and the results are 2 different phenotypes. One shows more Sativa qualities and the other more Indica. We worked on this strain to enrich its cannabinoid profile with much higher levels of CBD for therapeutic use and it does not disappoint! It produces resinous buds that are loaded with trichomes. This makes it extremely suitable for making cannabis oil or other cannabis concentrates

     CBD OG KUSH is suitable for both medical and recreational users. The relaxed and energetic high gives a stress-free effect without paranoia. You still have a clear mind and are able to function well In addition, she has a complex terpene profile with a pungent aroma with good taste.  The original OG had the parents Chemdawg and Hindu Kush, and the absolute shine, and smell can make your eyes water with joy. Nominated in the top 25 strains of all time it is great for pain, stress, sleep, appetite, ADD, and is wonderful for Hash and other extracts. Indoors, you will harvest in 8 weeks (depending on your conditions) and outdoor will be early-mid October.

CBD OG Kush : Info

  • Effect:                Relaxed High
  • Sativa/Indica:      Indica/Sativa
  • Yield: Indoors:    450g./m2 Outdoors: 600g./plant
  • THC/CBD:           THC: 10% CBD: 10%
  • Rich in :              CBG,CBN,THEV,CBDV
  • Flowering Period/Finishing:     60-65 Days /early October
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  • Model: T.C.S.
  • Manufacturer: Toronto Cannabis Seeds

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