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When deciding to buy cannabis seeds, choosing the best source is the most important decision a grower makes. While good growing conditions are important, the genetic makeup contained within the seed is the determining factor behind a plant reaching its full potential, whether indoor or outdoor. The genes contained in selectively bred cannabis seeds are the key to a successful crop. Toronto Cannabis Seeds maintains an extensive and unique collection of cannabis types, making the very best seeds, whether regular, feminized or auto-flowering, available for purchase.

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Gelato Cannabis Seeds
GELATO Feminized Cannabis Seeds (T.C.S.)

Gelato Cannabis Seeds Feminized

     Gelato is a dandy cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, coming natively from the Bay area of California. Indoor or out, this strain is simply a treat. Dense, colorful, resin covered flowers await cultivators, new, or experienced alike. 

     It is perfect for Sea of Green, Topping, Super-cropping, Low Stress Training, Scrogging, or just about any method you feel like utilizing! The effects of Gelato are typically strong, and quite relaxing (Indica). Although you can remain somewhat alert, and productive with lighter doses in the day or night.

     Indoors, you will harvest a moderately sized plant in 8-9 weeks, while Outdoors you are welcome to grow Gelato as large as you like, and early October you will start harvesting (weather permitting). It has been tested between 20-25%, and users will feel relief from insomnia, appetite loss, and depression to name a few. The only negative effects are dry mouth or eyes, or possible dizziness or headache. This is common with most strains if overused though, so don't shy away by any means.

    When the craving hits you...reach for some Gelato!

Gelato INFO

VarietyIndica 55%/Sativa 45%
Strain GeneticsGirl Scout Cookie x Cherry Pie
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8 - 9 Weeks/Early October
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Medical ConditionsAnxiety, Arthritis, Depression, Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Pain
Taste / FlavorCookies, Earthy, Sweet, Vanilla
EffectEuphoric, Hungry, Relaxing, Sedative, Uplifting
CBD Content>1%
THC Content20-25%
Also Known AsPink Cookies
Yield450 - 550g/m²
5 Seeds Per Pack
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GIRL SCOUT COOKIES Feminized Cannabis Seeds (T.C.S.)

Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds Feminized 

     Girl Scout Cookies has an overpowering smell that matches the buzz that comes with it. Created in the San Francisco area (known for incredible hybrids) the buzz is a euphoric one that will keep you smiling the whole ride. Most will feel a pleasant balance of the Indica, and Sativa. In lighter doses you will feel the stress slip away, while still managing to accomplish work around the house or other menial tasks. In medium to heavy doses you will more than likely find yourself watching TV and making a snack.

     Growers report that this strain is neither difficult, nor easy to grow, on the cultivation scale. Medical patients relieve problems of headaches, depression, and anxiety as Girl Scout Cookies will not put you to sleep by any means, but will definitely help you find the level of comfort involved with getting there.

     With Durban Poison and OG Kush as parents, you can expect a sizeable, resinous plant, indoor or out. It is approximately 9 weeks to flower indoor, or mid October (depending on the conditions in your room, or the weather outdoors). Indoor, this strain should be Topped, Super-cropped, Scrogged, or used in the Sea of Green method, as long colas are not uncommon. Testing around 20%, Girl Scout Cookies is definitely a guilty pleasure!

Girl Scout Cookies  INFO​

  • Type:                        Indoor/Outdoor
  • Growing:                   Moderate 
  • Flowering Time:         8  to 9 Weeks 
  • Indica/Sativa:           60% Indica/40% Sativa
  • Effect:                      High (Head Trip) Stoned (Body Buzz)
  • THC%:                     20%
  • Yield:                       400 to 500 gr indoor
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Gold Sativa Cannabis
Gold Sativa Cannabis Seeds Feminized (T.C.S.)

Gold Sativa Cannabis Seeds Feminized

   This classic Sativa strain produces a powerful cerebral high that raises one's mood without producing an overpowering effect . Gold Sativa originated from USA California in the late 1980's. The exact genetics are unknown, however this strain can be especially powerful with THC levels as high as 24%. It has a distinct earthy flavor and aroma, with a taste of chestnut and tealeaves. As with most strains, the most likely adverse effects are dry eyes and dry mouth. Indoor you will harvest in 9-10 weeks, or outdoors you should start harvesting mid-October (weather depending). Training, or Scrogging can be utilized, as well as Greenhouse or any Hydroponic systems for cultivating this strain. Welcome back to the sunny California Gold Sativa days!

Gold Sativa Info

Genetics USA California
Variety Mostly Sativa
Flowering Type Photoperiod
Sex Feminized
THC Content 20-24%
CBD Content 0.7%
Yield Indoor: 500 g/m2
Grows Greenhouse, Indoors, Outdoors
Flowering Time 9 to 10 weeks
Harvest Month Mid October
Effect Long-lasting, Relaxing, Uplifting
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Gorilla Glue Feminized Plant
GORILLA GLUE Seeds Cannabis Feminized (T.C.S)

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds Feminized

     Gorilla Glue is thought by many to be one of the most potent strains in existence. This rockstar strain won the 2014 Cannabis Cup as best hybrid, as it is known for its extreme potency getting it's name from the resin that covers the scissors while trimming. There are far too many awards to list, and this strain sells out very often. There are many, many crosses, and different numbers of the GG, but the most sought after is the Gorilla Glue#4, now also known as the Original Glue.

     Testing in the 24-29% range of THC, this strain is quite heavy for a light consumer, so proceed with caution. For experienced, or heavier consumers Gorilla Glue is a fantastic way to settle into your evening, or when you are ready to end the day just before bed. It is calming, and soothing, however in light doses you will still be able to function properly and get things done without repeatedly asking yourself..."what did I come in this room for again"?

     Indoor, you will start harvesting between 8-9 weeks while outside is approximately the middle of October, depending on the weather conditions in your specific growing area. Medicinal users find the Glue helps with chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and most definitely appetite stimulation. Recreational users find they just get baked! Whatever your reasons for loving the Gorilla Glue, they are completely justified!



Gorilla Glue INFO

  • Type: Hybrid (mostly Indica)
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
  • Yield: Heavy
  • THC: 24-29%
  • Potency: Extremely Potent
  • Genetics: Sour Dubb x Chem Sis x Chocolate Diesel
  • Seed Type: Feminized
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookie Feminized Cannabis Seeds
Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookie Cannabis Seeds Feminized (T.C.S)

Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookie Cannabis Seeds Feminized

    Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookies (or also known as Gorilla Cookie) is another dandy cross made from two amazing strains. It is balanced with a ratio of 60:40, favoring on the Sativa side. The award-winning Girl Scout Cookies expresses its high levels of THC with a happy, euphoric, creative high that can get you going, or ease pain, stress, and headaches due to the Gorilla Glue. Patients undergoing rigorous treatment like chemotherapy have also found GG x GSC ideal when in need of relief from nausea and loss of appetite.

    Ready for harvest after about 9 weeks of flowering, GG x GSC feminized marijuana gives off a tantalizingly sweet and earthy aroma, whether indoor or out. Outdoor you should start harvesting in the second week of October, depending on the weather conditions in your specific area. This strain will develop splashes of bright green and purple buds, with fiery orange hairs. 

    GG x GSC is great for Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse, Sea of Green, Scrogging, or just about any way you can think of. It is fairly easy to grow on the difficulty scale, and it is almost as enjoyable to watch the progress, as it is to consume. Testing in the 20% range on a regular basis, this strain is a fantastic addition to any collection. Try out Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookies!

INFO: Gorilla Glue x Girl Scout Cookie

Cannabis Species  Hybrid
Genetics  60% Sativa / 40% Indica
Flowering Time  55-65 days
THC  20%
CBD Level  Low (<2%)
Feels Like  Creative, Euphoric, Happy
Yield Indoors (per m²)  Up to 550g/m²
Yield Outdoors  600-700 g/plant
Medical  Depression, Pain, Stress
Taste  Earthy, Sweet
Skill Level  Easy
Plant Sex  Feminized
Flowering Type  Photoperiod
Cultivate  Indoor/Outdoor

5 Seeds Per Pack
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Grand Daddy Purple cannabis
GRANDDADDY PURPLE Feminized Cannabis Seeds (T.C.S.)

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Seeds Feminized 

     Strains are crossed everyday, but  sometimes you hit the cannabis jackpot! Granddaddy Purple is a prime example of this. Created in California (like a lot of favorites) Ken Estes and his team matched the big buds of Big Bud with the color, and flavor of Purple Urkle. They definitely achieved what they set out to do. This is an easy plant to grow, indoor or out. Harvest will come in approximately 8 weeks indoor (depending on your environment) and early-mid October, weather depending. Tested from 19-23% this strain helps with pain, insomnia, depression, and PTSD just to name a few.

     Large colas, and size in general can play a factor in the late stages of flowering, so it is definitely recommended to give support where needed. If you are outdoors, make sure to have morning sun and good air movement to avoid mold or rot. Granddaddy is a great candidate for SOG, however any other way you grow them it is probably not recommended to pinch or top too much, as the buds can get heavy for smaller, weaker branches.

     GDP became an instant classic, and can be found everywhere. Whether a first time grower, or a 40 year pro...Granddaddy Purple is worth a go!


Type:                      Indoor / Outdoor
Growing:                 Easy
Flowering Time:      8 to 9 Weeks
Indica/Sativa:          Mostly Indica
Effect:                     Long lasting, strong body effect
THC%:                    19-23%    
Yield:                      Up to 500gr indoor/300gr outdoor

5 Seeds Per Pack
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GRAPEFRUIT Cannabis Seeds
GRAPEFRUIT Seeds Feminized Cannabis (T.C.S.)

Grapefruit Seeds Feminized

     Grapefruit Feminized, is a very vigorous strain that rewards the grower well for his or her efforts. This strain is Sativa-dominant which also carries some very impressive Indica qualities. The split is 60/40 so there is plenty brought to the table by both sides. The buds can get downright huge and very long covered in a thick coat of sticky, frosty resin. These buds produce so much resin it actually tends to weigh them down.

     The aroma given off by these plants is, as the name suggests, a sour citrus that is at the same time tangy, hashy, and syrupy sweet. It gives clear hints of good times to come. As if the anticipation from that amazing aroma weren't enough, the flavor is just like the smell. It delivers a strong grapefruit overtone with the same sweetness and thick quality.

    The effect of this strain is the best of both worlds. Imagine the perfect uplifting and creative high of the best Sativa's in the world, coupled with the all-over relaxing stone of a high quality Indica all rolled into one package. There in lies the power of Grapefruit. It packs a real wallop that comes on strong, and holds on for hours. Medical users with sleep conditions, anxiety and depression will find this strain to be, quite literally, just what the doctor ordered, heavy-headed effect and all. Those with physical ailments like arthritis and muscular pain also herald Grapefruit as a fast remedy for their symptoms.

    Grapefruit is an ideal strain for indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, Sea of Green, or any other cultivation ideas you might have. Testing 18-22% is fantastic, but it is the flavor that will keep you coming back! Grapefruit is simply something special.


Grapefruit INFO:

VarietyMostly Sativa
Flowering TypePhotoperiod
Flowering Time8 weeks
Where to GrowIndoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Harvest MonthOctober
Taste / FlavorLemon, Earthy, Musky
EffectCerebral, Euphoric, Powerful, Psychedelic, Strong
THC Content18% to 22%
Yield 650+ g/m2 .

5 Seed Pack
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Green Crack cannabis
GREEN CRACK Seeds Feminized Cannabis (T.C.S.)

Green Crack Cannabis Seeds Feminized

     Green Crack Feminized Seeds are a Photoperiod Feminized cannabis strain that produces a High 450-500 gr/m2 yield. This strain flowers in roughly 8 weeks or in the first half of October depending on your location and climate that year. It has tested anywhere from 15-24% depending on where you look, but is always wonderful no matter what the THC. This strain grows very well in Greenhouses, indoor, as well as outside using any method. Long, crystal covered, bright green fragrant buds can be expected. Topping and stripping off some of the smaller foliage will definitely help achieve some tighter, easier to trim flowers. 

     Great for daytime use as it will help with pain, stress, depression and anxiety. Unless you are familiar with Green Crack, consume lightly at first, as this award winner can pack quite a punch. Is has won 2 major awards for being the best Outdoor, however Indoor is performs excellent. Sea of Green is not necessarily recommended for this strain, but topping and stripping is almost a must. If you are a Sativa lover, Green Crack is one for you!

AWARDSCannaval 2014 - 1st Best Outdoor, Secret Cup 2014 - 1st Best outdoor

Green Crack   INFO​

  • Type:                       Indoor/Out/Greenhouse  
  • Growing:                  Easy
  • Flowering Time:        8 Weeks (approximately)
  • Indica/Sativa:           Mostly Sativa
  • Effect:                      High (Head Trip) yet Stoned (Body Buzz)
  • THC%:                     15-20%
  • Yield:                       400 in 500 gr out
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Jack Here cannabis seeds
JACK HERER FAST VERSION Feminized Cannabis Seeds (T.C.S.)

Jack Herer Fast Version Cannabis Feminised Seeds

Jack Herer feminized seeds are one of the most famous cannabis strains because it has been designed to honour the movement’s most known voice for the legalization of marijuana, Jack Herer the American politician.

This Fast Version strain can be grown indoors or outdoors and the plants are tough, climate and pest resistant, making this variety a first-rate choice for novice growers. You can start harvesting 7 to 8 weeks after planting.

Recreational and medicinal consumers celebrate this daytime herb because it’s tasty, euphoric, inspiring, energizing, motivating yet physically relaxing and suppressing any feelings of anxiety. It combines the best of what the Sativa, Indica and can offer.

Jack Herer Fast Version INFO

  • Type:                     Indoor / Outdoor
  • Growing:                Easy to Moderate
  • Flowering Time:      7 to 8 Weeks
  • Indica/Sativa:        50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • Effect:                   Relaxed High
  • THC%:                  20.00%    
  • Yield:                    up to 550gr indoor/650gr outdoor
5 Seeds Per Pack
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JACK HERER Feminized Cannabis Seeds (T.C.S.)

Jack Herer Cannabis Feminized Seeds

      Jack Herer, named after it's creator and Cannabis legend, is the result of 10 years of hard, selective breeding. Sensi Seeds was the official breeder, released this one in the 1980's and in my opinion was ahead of it's time. A 50-50 hybrid with genetics from Skunk, Haze, and Northern Lights, there is nothing about this strain that disappoints. It is not the most picturesque compared to some, however the taste and smell well makes up for any shortcomings in the photo department.

      Indoor you will start harvesting in approximately 8 weeks, depending on your conditions, and outdoors will average mid-October depending on the weather. There are hints of trees and pine, with a blissful sensation of general happiness. One of the great traits of a 50/50 strain is it will sometimes magnify what you are already feeling. During the day it will uplift and carry you, while some will be able to drift off on the couch while consuming a little later in the evening.  

     Jack has won awards such as Top 10 strains in Spain, Top 10 Indica/Sativa, many different Cannabis Cup titles, and is also in the Cannabis Hall of Fame. Generally tested between 19-23% this one is great for anytime of day although most use it during the daytime for it's uplifting, energetic feeling. Medical users find it helps cope with depression, stress, and anxiety...although most just find it helps in general. A classy strain honoring a classy individual. Here's to you Jack!

Jack Herer INFO

  • Type: Indoor / Outdoor
  • Growing: Easy to Moderate
  • Flowering Time: 8 Weeks
  • Indica/Sativa: 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • Effect: Relaxed High
  • THC%: 20.00%
  • Yield: up to 600gr indoor/700gr outdoor
5 Seeds Per Pack
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Lemon Kush cannabis
LEMON KUSH Feminized Cannabis Seeds (T.C.S.)

Lemon Kush Cannabis Seeds Feminized

     Lemon Kush originally comes from the Chitral region in Pakistan and will harvest in 8-9 weeks indoor, or around October 1st depending on the weather, and your conditions. The taste of Lemon Kush is very potent and strong, giving satisfaction to smokers and it also has a very strong high effect that is more focused on the head. 

     Lemon Kush is considered good medication for people who experience nausea, body pain, insomnia, and has also been found to increase levels of liver enzymes making it an effective drug in avoiding cancer. It is known to make you active and wanting to get out and do something, so maybe not the best choice for sitting down and watching a movie after eating.

     It has good resistance to mold and mildew also as it it not a late harvest. Superb for Topping, Scrogging, SOG methods, stuck in a garden, or grown in a greenhouse Lemon Kush is good yielder with excellent flavor. It is known to be an easy plant to grow and it likes a warmer drier grow area. It will still grow in other conditions, however this is where it will do best. Whether medical, or recreational, try out the Lemon Kush for some great times!

Lemon Kush Info

Genetics  Lemon G x Afghani Indica
Plant Type  50/50  Indica/Sativa
Cultivation  Indoor/Outdoors-Early October
Plant Height  60 to 120 cm 
Average Yield  in 350-500 - out 550 gr/plant
Flowering Period  8 - 9 weeks
Seeds per pack  5
THC  20%+
CBD  0.8%   
Effect+  Extremely stoned long-lasting & body relaxing
5 Seeds Per Pack
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M-39 Cannabis seeds
M39 Seeds Feminized Cannabis (Q.C.S)

M 39 Cannabis Seeds Feminized 

     I sat and tried to think of any other way to describe this strain, aside from the overused term "Dutch super strain". After a long deliberation there are honestly no better words. M-39 revolutionized the Cannabis industry as a quick finishing, great yielding, powerhouse. The genetics were Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5, which almost had no chance of failing as these were two of the staple strains for years at this point, and were being crossed with many other plants at the time.

     High Times has voted this one in the top 10 strains of all time with it's dense easy to trim nugs and smooth flavor. Anyone who has made hash with M-39 also remembers that smooth unforgettable taste. Not the strongest in the THC department (by today's standards) being tested 16-19% but it does not disappoint either, as it leans to the Indica side. M-39 will finish in 6-7 weeks depending on your conditions and is recommended for both the "SOG" or "Topping" methods.

    This strain is an F2, so definitely expect some different phenotypes to appear. This one will be great for selecting your favorite, and keeping a mother if you wish to continuously grow it. Whether your first time, or a newbie, M-39 is a strain that will always make you smile! 


  • Type:                   Indoor / Outdoor
  • Growing:              Easy
  • Flowering Time:   39 - 45 days
  • Indica/Sativa:       Indica 
  • Effect:                   High  (Body Buzz)
  • THC%:                 18.5%    
  • Yield:                    300 gr to 400 gr500gr out
5 Seeds Per Pack
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