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Auto Cinderella 99 Cannabis Seeds Feminized

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Cinderella 99 Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Feminized

Auto Cinderella is a mainly Sativa hybrid (65% Sativa/35% Indica) resulting from a cross of a Cinderella 99 and a Ruderalis variety. It is perfect for Sativa fans whose growing spaces are a little more restricted and who want a fruity and tropical taste experience. Its CBD content is low, around 1%, while its THC content can reach up to 20%. It is a marijuana that remains gentle but powerful thanks to the perfect marriage of Sativa and Indica genes.

Cinderella autoflowering cannabis seeds are low maintenance, but be sure to feed your plants appropriately to ensure thick, big buds. This marijuana strain can reach a height of 120 cm and has a long, thick main stem with heavy branches. It is recommended to provide supports during the last weeks of flowering to ensure that the lateral branches support their weight well and prevent them from breaking. You will get thick light green buds that will be covered in long amber hairs. Your plant will produce little, fan-shaped foliage, which is an advantage when it is time to prune it. Additionally, don't be surprised by the abundant presence of trichomes that will cover the buds, it's a great strain to watch grow and try for transformation fans.

She is ideal for growers who don't want to worry about vertical space as despite being around 1m20 tall, this hybrid will grow quite compact, making it a great choice for those looking to grow Sativas. Growing outdoors or indoors, it will give you good results. You could achieve a yield of over 500 grams per square meter, indoors, within 55 to 65 days from germination. Outdoors, in ideal sunny conditions, it could produce up to 160 grams per plant when its cycle of around sixty days ends. It is also a plant that is rather resistant to pests and diseases and also rather resistant to cool climates. So for cooler regions with shorter summers, it would be ideal for your weather conditions.

As Cinderella autoflowers flower, expect tropical scents such as pineapple and peach to waft through the air. While consuming it, you will detect a smooth smoke on the palate with tropical fruit flavors with a touch of pine and skunk that will leave a delicious aftertaste with each puff. Thanks to its Sativa dominance, you will quickly perceive an inspiring cerebral effect that will be energetic, joyful and profoundly well-being. Although it is energetic, you will still feel a calming effect allowing you to sit back and relax. It is a popular strain in the medical cannabis scene for treating chronic stress and its symptoms, mood disorders, anxiety and depression. It could also help with the management of pain such as muscle and joint spasms and migraines, without forgetting people with a loss of appetite due to any treatments.

Auto Cinderella 99 Info:

GeneticsCinderella 99 x Ruderalis
Flowering TypeAutoflower
THC Content20%
CBD ContentLow
Indoor Flowering Time55-65 days / 8-9 weeks
Yield Indoor550 g/m²
Outdoor Flowering TimeSeptember
Yield Outdoor160 g/plant
Where to GrowIndoor, Outdoor, Green House 

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