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Acapulco Gold Feminized Seeds Cannabis

5 Seeds per Pack

Acapulco Gold Cannabis Seeds Feminized


     Ahead of your next party or social event, be sure to stock up on Acapulco Gold cannabis seeds. This 80% Sativa, 20% Indica is said to the ultimate party-starter, thanks to its energy and mood-boosting effects. It doesn’t take much Acapulco Gold to notice the happy, euphoric, and revitalizing effects. This is a strain you want to smoke around friends and loved ones as it can be a highly social experience, which means you can expect to engage in interesting conversations with others all day and night.

     In most cases, we recommend Acapulco Gold for daytime use, as it’s highly energizing and awakening. Too much of this hybrid in the evening may lead to insomnia or sleep loss. Unlike a cup of coffee in the morning, Acapulco Gold won’t give you the anxious jitters or paranoia. There’s a relaxing side to Acapulco Gold cannabis seeds that will leave you in a calm state. Extreme overuse can leave you with dry mouth, eyes, but that is common in a lot of varieties.

    Before you grow this strain at home, be advised that it comes with a strong pine aroma that can attract attention. It might be better to grow Acapulco Gold outdoors where the wind can disperse the smell. It is a mid-late October strain (depending on your conditions) so keep this in mind as well. There will be lot more instruction on growing this strain outdoors, as it has mostly been grown in that format. If you are indoors, you may want to add filters to help with the odor it produces and try a few different techniques to master it.

    Consumers have noticed that the Acapulco Gold helps with anxiety, chronic pain, headaches, and even some mental disorders. A legend in the cannabis world, and a blast from the past for some, try out the Acapulco Gold!

Acapulco Gold INFO​

Strain Type  Sativa
Type  20% Indica, 80% Sativa
THC 24%
Effects  Energetic, Happy, Relaxed
Medical  Daytime, Depression, Fatigue, Pain, Stress
Flavor  Pine, Pungent, Sweet
Flowering Type  Photoperiod
Flowering Time  70 – 80 Days
Where to Grow  Indoor/Outdoor
Indoor Yield  450g/m2
Outdoor Yield  500g/plant
Plant Height  Medium
Sex  Feminized
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  • Model: T.C.S
  • Manufacturer: Toronto Cannabis Seeds

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