A Bit Of History: Why We Chose Toronto Cannaabis Seeds

Ontario: Best Place for a Cannabis Seed Bank

We, at Toronto Cannabis Seeds, have been breeding marijuana seeds for over 15 years now. Starting with more traditional strains like White Widow, Critical Mass (Critical+), Grand Daddy Purple, OG Kush, AK-47, Sour Diesel and so on, we gradually began to breed new strains and created as well our own breeds as the demand grew. Our clients base never stopped growing since then, and we decided to go online couple years ago and sell our marijuana seeds for medical needs.

Toronto Cannabis Culture

At that time, Toronto was the perfect place to set our home base. Ontario is a great province with lots of quality breeders and growers. We still think it's the best place to operate our Ontario seed bank. The cannabis culture was and still is very strong here. While British Columbia and Alberta were attractive for us, we decided that Toronto would be a better playground for us.

Over the years, our inventory grew, we created new strains, had new partnerships with local breeders and growers, and of course, new fans. That's when we decided to really focus on the online side of our business, while still dedicating a great portion of our time on growing and breeding.

Our cannabis seeds now

Right now, we carry close to 60 of the best cannabis strains on the Canadian market. Are you after old school regulars? Or more fancy feminized seeds? We have what you need in our inventory.

Toronto Cannabis Seeds provides some of the finest weed seeds in different varieties: auto-flower, feminized, regular, CBD and medical seeds. Competition online is ferocious for Canadian seed banks, but we'd like to think that we are probably one of most reliable ones available now.